Our ADN (API Delivery Network) serves tremendous amount of traffic per minute. At peak hours, it crosses well over 200K+ rpm, yet responding in less than 2ms.

This wasn’t always the case though. The average response time was about 10ms, even after having Elixir and Redis as the technologies behind…

The evolution, failures and design decisions behind one of the world’s largest real-time, high-frequency and low-latency streaming systems.


We run one of the largest real-time, high-frequency, low-latency streaming systems in the world with over 3 million messages per second and over 1320 billion messages per month. …

Back in 2007, Nikhil ‘Juno’ Belchada was a Science and IT grad student, going through the motions of casual rote learning. It was in his final year that he became fascinated with the possibilities of computer technology and took a stab at programming. During one class, he had a lightning-bolt…

Tech Vidhya is helping our people shift from the practice of getting things done to a culture of doing things right.

From the earliest days of Market Pulse, we found that most developers we hired were very good at coding, but not many were actively looking to understand the principles…

Through a compulsory rejuvenation program, we’re empowering our people to lead fuller lives, and lead the change.


Let’s be honest. Working from home had a magical convenience for the first few weeks. Now it is simply the new burnout; one that the world has been quickly forced to notice.


A CDN designed for APIs with pre-heating and real-time purges, that sits in front of all our API servers, always serving a hit and never a miss.

Market Pulse Tech

Making technology make a difference.

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